The Texas Ramblers Orchestra of the Rio Grande Valley in Texas is a mid-sized big band that performs traditional ballroom dance music. 

Their sound speaks from another era while providing a lively appeal that always brings dancers to the floor.  They feature most of the ballroom rhythms played with a sweet style and lift.


                                                        The Texas Ramblers

                   UPCOMING DANCES           


                   Sunday Feb. 5,  2 - 4pm
                   Mission Bell Resort
                   Mission, Texas

                   Sunday Feb 12,  2 - 4pm
                   Alamo Palms Resort
                   Alamo, Texas

                  Sunday Feb. 19,  3 - 5pm
                  Border Theater
                  Mission, Texas

                  Sunday Feb 26,  2 - 4pm
                  Cottonwood Country Club
                  Harlingen, Texas

                   Sunday March 5, 3 - 5pm           Sunday March 12,  3 - 5pm
                   Texas Trails Resort                     La Hacienda Estates
                   Pharr, Texas                                 Alamo, Texas


  Dan Stevens'  
                           Texas Ramblers Orchestra

                                                           For information or bookings
                                                   call or text Dan Stevens at 314 962-7000
                                               email to:

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